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Most organizations are doomed before they really get rolling…..and the challenge that creates this heartbreak is getting worse.

It has never been about sponsoring more people……but the wonderful, [and it is], inter-webbie thing has not shown up without challenges for our industry, for your team.

Yeah, I know…..cancer is a strong word but the insanity of sponsoring huge numbers of people is not only unrealistic for most people, demoralizing for the average person but, really, bad business.

And, it’s caught on.

Build a group of roughly 10,000….active reps…..from 19 people sponsored….all new peeps, no herding in groups or people.

Not bragging….just figured something out in the late ’90s and it worked over and over, faster and faster.

When we sponsor someone….they join believing they can, with our help, create a different outcome for themselves……turns out working with people is not only easier, faster and better for business short and long term… is the right thing to do……but it is bigger than all that……it’s about you and your team.

Your business is not going any further than your team takes you…..and they are not going to take you far and for a long, lasting run if you fail to understand…… set the culture in motion on your team.

Here’s what we discovered about creating a culture, an uncomplicated, appreciated, caring culture.




Let’s define it again…..

O – Objectives for the week
A – Actions required to meet objective.

T – Time required to complete actions. Add 20%.

S – Schedule it – put it in writing.

Do this with them on Friday or Saturday.   Help them set objectives for the week……explain the actions that will hit the objectives…..figure out with them how much time it will take and then schedule it with them in writing……working the actions with them, showing them how to do the right things right……

Would you like a sponsor like that?  Be it….be that sponsor.

Give 100% to the dreams of others, hands on
Show them “how” …don’t merely tell.

And…..before you do any of that, of course, explain family first……and don’t schedule time or do OATS with them until they have made those dates….

Here is exactly what to do and how to do it…..

Fill this short Definitiveness of Purpose Form with them……you’ll need it and so do they…..takes about 3-4 minutes……

Tell them to sit with their family, explain why they are doing the business …and show the form…….and tell them to tell their spouse and kids this….

“This in very important to me, for our family.   And, it’s going to take some time….weekly…..but nothing is more important to me than all of you.  So every week, before I schedule my work with my partner, we’ll make dates with each other.”

You’ve done the right thing……now let’s get busy.


Focus on behavior, not results…..

Here’s a link to that post ….now they know that you care about them, their family and their values…..simply learn the art of influence….and BAM…’ll have a great culture on your team… that will last and grow.

Let’s review….

  1. Fill out doc with them, over the phone is fine
  2. Have them explain, with the doc why they are doing the business to their loved ones.
  3. They make dates with family
  4. You do OATS with them
  5. You work the actions that will obtain the weekly objectives with them

Sound like the type of sponsor you’d like?  Kind of culture you want on your team?

Go for it……the payoff is bigger than you can think.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing

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