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The ‘Sponsor More’ Cancer

Most organizations are doomed before they really get rolling, and the challenge that creates this heartbreak is getting worse.

It has never been about sponsoring more people.  But the wonderful, (and it is) inter-webbie thing has not shown up without challenges for our industry, for your team.

Yeah, I know.  Cancer is a strong word.  But the insanity of sponsoring huge numbers of people is not only unrealistic for most people, demoralizing for the average person but, really bad business.

And, it’s caught on.

I built a group of roughly 10,000 active reps… from 19 people sponsored… all new peeps, no herding in groups or people.

Not bragging.  Just figured something out in the late ’90s and it worked over and over, faster and faster.

When we sponsor someone, they join believing they can, with our help, create a different outcome for themselves.  Turns out working with people is not only easier, faster and better for business short and long term.  It is the right thing to do.  But it is bigger than all that.

It’s about you and your team.

Your business is not going any further than your team takes you, and they are not going to take you far and for a long, lasting run if you fail to understand you set the culture in motion on your team.

Here’s what we discovered about creating a culture, an uncomplicated, appreciated, caring culture.


Let’s define it again…..

O – Objectives for the week
A – Actions required to meet the objective.
T – Time required to complete actions. Add 20%.
S – Schedule it – put it in writing.

Do this with them on Friday or Saturday.   Help them set objectives for the week.  Explain the actions that will hit the objectives.  Figure out with them how much time it will take and then schedule it with them in writing, working the actions with them, showing them how to do the right things right.

Would you like a sponsor like that?  Be it, Be that sponsor.

Give 100% to the dreams of others, hands on
Show them “how” …don’t merely tell.

And before you do any of that, of course, explain family first… and don’t schedule time or do OATS with them until they have made those dates…

Here is exactly what to do and how to do it.

Fill this short Definitiveness of Purpose Form with them.  You’ll need it and so do they. It takes about 3-4 minutes.

Tell them to sit with their family, explain why they are doing the business …and show the form.  Tell them to tell their spouse and kids this…

“This is very important to me, for our family. And, it’s going to take some time weekly, but nothing is more important to me than all of you.  So every week, before I schedule my work with my partner, we’ll make dates with each other.”

You’ve done the right thing.  Now let’s get busy.


Focus on behavior, not results.

Here’s a link to that post …now they know that you care about them, their family and their values ...simply learn the art of influence… and BAM!  You’ll have a great culture on your team, one that will last and grow.

Let’s review.

  1. Fill out doc with them, over the phone is fine
  2. Have them explain, with the doc why they are doing the business to their loved ones.
  3. They make dates with family
  4. You do OATS with them
  5. You work the actions that will obtain the weekly objectives with them

Sound like the type of sponsor you’d like?  Kind of culture you want on your team?

Go for it.  The payoff is bigger than you can imagine.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
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  • Another great piece of advice Mark and so simple to understand. In the companies that I have been involved in, my up line has never taught this. I am a family man and even on my own I don’t stop often enough to spend the necessary time with my family. You are so right about how important that is to do, but what’s also necessary is the whole team practicing this same philosophy. I can definitely see the benefits and certainly your up line should be setting this example.

  • Mark,

    It seems like your wisdom is timeless and yet, the solutions are relatively new to many.

    Thanks for taking the time and courage to lead the way!

    Peter G

  • This was great information and I am committed to implementing this with myself first and my team. Peace be the journey, Pauline

  • Hi Mark, really brilliant stuff. My upline and leaders are really good people but they can’t teach what they don’t know. I’ve really struggled for 18 months. What you’re sharing is awesome … skills so MLM really can change peoples lives (mine included) in a way that WORKS, is fun and with complete integrity. I signed up for Go90Grow …. WOW!! best money I have ever spent (and I have spent lots) not just for MLM but for LIFE … Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge … Cheers Kevin (raving fan)…

  • Peter Grimes’s comment above is spot on, you are bringing the heart into network marketing. And as a broadcaster you have totally mastered how to condense and deliver an information-rich presentation that is on anyone’s level; that can only come from knowing your subject inside-out and walking the talk. Thanks for sharing everything that has brought you such success – you make me feel I can do it and then you tell me how to do it.

  • Thanks Mark, you are a genius. This is the biggest problem in network marketing. People are brought in under false pretensions. They throw mud on the wall!!
    Thanks for your unselfish sharing.

  • Mark, Belief in what one can do is the fuel for success. Giving to our team this Belief is very inspiring. Keeping everything on a scheduled time table helps to maintain stability within the team and develops security in the family. All this–and more–you have taught me and I am so grateful.

  • Thank you again Mark for simple yet vitally important recommendations…it’s just plain smart! I’m so grateful to have made this connection with you as I begin this journey to refine my collection of habits and learn the Network Marketing business. Your approach is sound and fits my style and approach to business. Thanks again. I pray for an abundance of additional favor on you and the Fabulous Davene.

  • Mark as always your information is an opportunity for a major impact. While my upline does focus on setting a schedule it’s to schedule in time for the business. Again focusing on the individual and the family time is an excellent idea, not only for any team members, for myself as well Thank you!!

  • Mahalo Pauline!

    These ‘sessions’ with teams should take about 15 minutes the first time…..then weekly they take about 5 minutes…so cool to know all your teammates have a specific plan for the week….you’re providing true leadership that matters

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • We appreciate that Peter….

    What is very cool is that you set the ‘culture’ on your team….it’s not the ‘company’ that is the CEO of your business nor the Upteam……it’s you! Go for it! 🙂

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Anna Ray…..

    I love your idea about heart……the head is important but is limited and clearly you understand what so few do… is the balance of heart and head … BRAVO!

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Carl….

    Clearly you ‘get it’ … is not the company nor the upteam that is the CEO of our businesses… is us….and we set the culture for our teams.

    Appreciate you stopping by and sharing….

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Celeste….

    WOW…..look at you, giving kindness….we are humbled and so excited for you……you ‘get it’… more.

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mahalo Mike…..

    Just passing it on….you are right, it is timeless and we sure as heck didn’t invent it….

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Billy…..

    I think we all are so excited to get rolling…..we often forget the simple “first things first” ….clearly, you have not!

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Bev…..

    For many years I felt simliar…..and I was ‘just missing’ where I wanted to be…..

    A friend suggested [not in MLM BTW] to “go Zen” and reverse my thinking…..and Presto!

    I said, ‘what do you mean?’

    He said, ‘change the two key words’ ……”Balance is critical, goals are the challenge’

    I thought about it for almost 2 straight days….life has never been the same and business has never been better…

    Funny thing is that when we keep first things first, everything improves

    I love you adding ‘caring’…obviously, you do


    Mahalo Mike…..

    Just passing it on….you are right, it is timeless and we sure as heck didn’t invent it….

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • In this day and age where each emerging Internet techno-thingy that comes out that is supposed to enhance our ability to communicate with each other thereby bringing us closer together, actually ends up moving us farther apart in our interpersonal relationships. In a business which is “by people” and “for people”, made up “of people” what you teach and practice ends up bringing people together in a caring and nurturing relationship. Thank you.

  • We’ve been told to schedule time, but not the way you explain it. It really sets you to be an adversary to your team members unless it is done the way you suggest. Thanks a million.

  • WOW! I Love You! Every single post you do is diamonds & pearls. I sincerely hope that every single person can appreciate your training, information and stories you share. I am a 23-year veteran in MLM and it has taken a LONG time for me to realize the power of “working with your team”. This is after many, many, MANY years of struggling. I love this saying…”when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

    I love Network Marketing sooo much because of the “power” it gives people to not only change “their” life, but the lives of those they come in contact with as well. I want so much to be able to “really” help people have more TIME and MONEY in their life, now I can help them have more “family” and “spiritual” time as well.

    I am going to review all of the information again to make sure I get it…I just need to make sure I understand how to take the time to work with EVERYONE on my team and not just a few, because EVERYONE is important to me.

    God Bless you and your lovely wife!

  • WOW. You are speaking exactly what has been in my heart – yet goes against everything in ‘the system’ being taught in our company. I have felt for so long that everything I have learned (two YEARS worth!) contributes to the Churn-&-Burn method of building that instills the cancer that tears a team apart.

    You are speaking what my heart has been screaming inside – and exactly what has kept me from making the calls I need to make.

    If this business isn’t directly about helping other people get their lives straightened out and building a residual income at the same time – then I CAN’T put my name and reputation behind it.

    “It” has little to do with the company or the product being sold and everything to do with the concept of CULTURE you describe so eloquently.

    Mark – please let me know when the next Go90Pro is open – I want to meet you and thank you in person for the change you have sparked here…

  • Thanks for the “Sponsor More” post and video. I believe our Creator meant for life to be simple, then the “brilliance” of man comes along and screws it all up in trying to complicate everything. What you share is not rocket science – truth rings a clear bell and is not complicated. God is not the author of confusion. Balance is such a critical factor in successful harmonious living. The simplicity of your message needs to be heard by all. Any of us can get out of balance in our lives at any age. Family First is so important, neglecting family only alienates them. A good dose of good advice in today’s lesson! I am proud of you and thankful for your heart of giving (value) to others! GBY

  • Mark,

    Thanks for this solid reminder, and the “how to” as well. Just as we know in our “other” business that our success flows only through the success of our clients, here that success is achieved only as our team is successful. And just as in that other business we must lay out a program for the success of the client, here to we must help the team make that plan.


  • Mahalo Doug

    You are so right…..for some reason MLMers get loyal to the absurd notion that our business is not like other businesses….when, in fact, all the normal, sound princples apply. You ‘get it’

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • BAM! Love-love-love your spot on ‘burn and churn method that tears teams apart’

    If you hit the go9grow tab you can hop on the early bird list….get notification early and first shot at the limited spots we have for each session

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Lee

    Your kind words are humbling, really.

    What is so special about your comment is that you are thinking of your team, not yourself….dazzling

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mark,

    I just bought a program that focuses on tracking daily activities. It doesn’t say anything about doing this with team leaders or anyone else. I absolutely love your approach to building a successful network marketing business by leading by example. This is where people grow into leaders! Thanks!

    Continued Blessings!

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