4th BIGGEST LIE IN Multilevel Marketing

You have to be a leader to make lots of money,” is something I am considering adding as the 4th biggest lie in MLM.

Longtime readers of this blog, (thank you, so much) know I’ve been on the bully-pulpit about the 3 biggest lies in MLM.

I can feel the blood boiling in all those ‘leadership’ gurus now…and what you’ve been led to believe forming barriers of resistance as you read this.

Let me really get your defenses up.  Nothing is as overrated in MLM as leadership.  Nothing.

WHAT???!!  I can feel you now.  I’m telling you that you don’t need to lead to build a group, get momentum and create a life second to none.

Check your feelings, OK?   Then check your common sense.

It’s Common Sense

If you are arguing with the statement, ‘Nothing is as overrated in MLM as leadership,’ you are not using common sense.

What if I am right?

Common Sense

Wouldn’t that make building a group and momentum easier?

It’s all about common sense.  We MLMer’s are a passionate but often irrational group.  People who we deem ‘irrational’ is almost always in the context of them being ‘off-base’ with the primary objective.

Isn’t the primary objective to build momentum?  To get exponential growth?

Yeah, yeah…I know what you’ve heard from ‘leaders’.  They talk from the stage and on conference calls about leadership, being a leader, breaking from the pack.  Nonsense in MLM

One of my favorites, and I said it often, trying to inspire, “If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.”


How’s all that working out for you?  Didn’t work out for me either.

Imagine, for a moment, that you could build growth and then capture the big prize.   Momentum without all those 8 million ideas, rules, truths, Covey, Maxwell, Rhone, Tracy, etc., tell about leadership.  Now that’s an MLM leadership tip I’d want to know, eh?

Momentum is movement

Momentum is a ‘movement’ that grows bigger and stronger.

What if everyone in your group knew one simple truth about leadership, that it is overrated that dramatically improved the speed of growth in your group?

What We Set in Motion Carries in Motion

Wouldn’t that take the pressure off everyone who doesn’t see themselves as leaders?

And what if you could show them 1 simple thing they could do, that anyone could do, to harness all their potential, stress and pressure-free?

The key to momentum, which is what we should be focused on, (Common sense please), is being a follower…not being a leader.

The One Simple Truth

Honor your followers by making it about the ‘movement’ and give them the MLM skills that lead to success.

Once I shifted from trying to be a leader to honoring joiners and got them to focus a few simple MLM skills instead of me, everything got easy, really easy.

What happened?  They started teaching MLM skills instead of trying to be like me or other leaders.

Longtime readers know this about me.  I make it about skills, not me.  That is the ‘movement’ of my teams.

This will change your business, the lives of others and, by extension, your life.  It is the key to networking success.

Understanding about momentum will release everyone on your team, including you, from trying to be some mythical leader.  Why keep trying to be something no one else can be?



mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker 

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  • I agree entirely. This is a service based industry, not a follow the leader type of business. If you offer good service to your customers as well as your promoters, you will be successful!


  • Mark,

    You put into words what I’d been thinking for some years now. Not everyone is leadership material nor do they want to be. As soon as someone starts to gain a little success in NWM, then their well-intentioned upline starts talking to them about being a leader to their group when they really just wanted to make some money and see their sign-ups make money as well.


  • I’ve never considered it that way before. I guess, to be a leader you have to know how to follow so that you can teach others to follow.

  • I Totally agree!! Many new Network Marketers loose focus of what the business is about, by trying to focus on something IRRELEVANT to the growth of an organization; instead of learning and developing the SKILLS necessary to Build a Successful Organization, and Duplicate it!!!

  • Wow! I absolutely love this! This video has turned something that many people see as complicated into something natural and simple. Simplicity at it’s finest!


  • There a lot mor followers in NWM than leaders now those followers just need to learn the skills to build their business and make the money.

  • Kathy, as usual, you put into 5 sentences what it takes me 80 sentences to say

    Not hard to understand why you are an outstanding Success Coach

    mark j

  • Hello Mark,
    Thank you for this post it makes so much sense. There is an old saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” and it is relevant to Kathy Zimmer’s comment “then their well-intentioned upline starts talking to them about being a leader to their group when they really just wanted to make some money and see their sign-ups make money as well”.
    Enjoy your site keep up the fantastic posts.

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