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Can One Thing Make a Difference?


One thing? Can doing one thing make anyone successful in Multilevel Marketing?



As Rocky Balboa liked to say, “Absolutely.”

Yesterday we ran a quick video post about the ‘non-supportive’ spouse and how Marty Keefe not only overcame it…she set a record to the top level achievement ranks.

With no experience.

And 2 kids at home.

And a multi-million dollar fence business to help run with six crews.

And fulfilling a promise to open a first-class beauty salon for her daughter, Casey, if she worked for 3 years.


As it so happens, occasionally when we shoot a video with top earners, a massive pearl rolls off their tongue right after you shut the camera off, ya know?  A profound home-based business training in less than 3 minutes…the kind of leadership tip even leaders get inspired by.

This was too simple and too big not to get the camera back on…

One Simple Thing Built a First Time Multilevel Marketer into a Record Setter

So what’s your MDC?

Leave a comment, commit right now and then share this post with your team.  They’ll see you’ve committed.  Tell them to leave a comment and a commitment and pass it on…it could be the beginning of a massive shift in your group and within you.  Think about it 🙂

Shoot them the post, tell them to read your comment, and ‘ante-up’.  Get it rolling.

Go for it…


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • There’s an old saying “Common Sense isn’t common anymore”! Thanks to you both for reminding us of the common sense approach to building our business.

  • I can relate to this story. I have an unsupported spouse but I can understand quite well why! I have been involved in at least 3 MLM since the early 90’s with very little result. I am the most persistent and most positive individual you can get across. I am a firm believer that you can make a fortune in MLM. But no body showed me how. I thought it was all about finding the right people. No body showed me what to do. I was thought to get my list of friends and families and bring them on board. But nobody showed me how. Now that I am learning how to do it with go90grow, it will be matter of time before my reputation and credibility can be established.

  • Thanks Mark. I think most of us can relate to the non supportive spouse. I have always believed that the cure was for me to be successful. Even though I feel like Big Al in my first year, I have been fortunate to have access to people like you who freely give away the “trade secretes” so we don’t have to figure this thing out ourselves. MDCs here we go.

  • Lazy,- she is right on. Dripping water wears away granite and I fully agree with her “idea” of consistency. Throw the loose change in a bucket and in a few years you can buy a new Buick

  • How many will MDCs today?

    IF we don’t committ, how can we expect our team to commit?

    Commit….[applies to everyone reading this] then forward to your teammates and tell them to commit and pass it on!

  • Wow!! I am just blown away by all the great tips and training this go90grow has done. Thank you Mark and thank you Marty for showing is that really anyone can do the business, its all based on how important is it to you and how important is your dreams and your family. I know I am like a sponge soaking all is in and putting it to work. Thanks for all you do Mark!!!

  • I met Marty at my first Regionals in Las Vegas. She was so helpful answering questions and giving advice-, consistency!!! Thanks Marty for all you do and for your leadership no matter who’s team you are on!

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