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1 Thing? Can doing 1 thing make anyone successful in MLM?



As Rocky Balboa liked to say, “Absolutely.”

Yesterday we ran a quick video postabout the ‘non-supportive’ spouse and how Marty Keefe not only overcame it…..she set a record to the top level achievement ranks.

With no experience.

And 2 kids at home.

And a multi-million dollar fence business to help run with 6 crews.

And for-filling a promise to open a first class beauty salon for her daughter, Casey, if she worked for 3 years.


As it so happens, occasionally when we shoot a video with top earners…..a massive pearl rolls off their tongue right after you shut the camera off……ya know?  A profound home-based business training in less than 3 minutes….the kind of leadership tip even leaders get inspired by…..

This was too simple and too big not to get the camera back on…..

So what’s your MDC?

Leave a comment, commit right now and then share this post with your team…..they’ll see you’ve committed…..tell them to leave a comment and a commitment and pass it on….it could be the beginning of a massive shift in your group and within you….think about it 🙂

Shoot them the post….tell them to read your comment….and ‘ante-up’…..get it rolling.

Go for it….


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Pass It On Mahalo

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