Blog   # 1 Rule for MLM Leadership; Ignore It and Fail


No single thing in network marketing is more over rated than leadership.

The leader of your group…..that would be you……must avoid 1 thing….and … 2 things well.

You don’t need to be on stage…..

You don’t need to create trainings, give motivational speeches nor re-invent yourself every 6 months.

Yeah, I know… see leaders doing those things all the time.   Total waste of time.

Motivation means motive in action.   Speeches to motivate are delivered by either the incredibly slothful or astonishingly arrogant.

Why would I say that?

Simple.   The speeches simply do not work.  Ever made you a dime?   Case closed.

It’s remarkably arrogant to think one could say something that get someone else to suddenly take consistent action.

Good leadership is just doing 3 things….all the time.   If we do 3 things all the time…..we suddenly are truly great leaders…..not because we did anything special…..we just 2 things right.

When we do the right things right…..we get results for others and …..BINGO…..they call you a great leader.


That’s not much…… but if you break it?  You’ll lose the respect of your group and without their respect, they’ll never take you coaching.

What’s the make-or-break rule?



If you cannot follow…….you cannot lead.


Promise to work with people as a team and sponsoring soars
Promise to work with people as a team and sponsoring soars

Don’t tell them what to do……’show and tell’ them.

People who do not make initial calls with new people…..showing them what to do….teaching them how to get a ‘yes’ 90% of the time to looking…..HANDS ON… simply feeding new people to the sharks.   If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.   Spending your time – not telling – but showing people this simple network marketing skill… money folks.

This is all we’ve ever had to do to ‘lead’…….and we do it 3 levels + deep…..which is a really easy networking skill that leads to more people sponsoring [look for 3 deep pattern]

  1. Obey the #1 Rule – Test before testimony
  2. Know how to follow
  3. Work hands on, 3+ levels deep

The truth?  You obey 1 and hammer points 2 and 3 and they’ll call you a great leader within 6-12 months.  Why?  Your group will grow, their checks will go up and they’ll copy your simple, effective pattern.   And that, quite simply, will help you and your team have more people sponsoring.

Let me know how you feel below… to hear your thoughts


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing

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