Blog   #1 Reason For MLM Failure? Belief Systems


In part 3 of Giraffe Philosophy is the most difficult.

Oh, it’s not hard to do.  It’s hard to be honest enough to do it.

Ethics and not stealing? No, not what I am talking about here…..

It’s that difficulty we all have in facing the truth about ourselves.

In English?

Excuses.  We make excuses and we’ve got brilliant, undeniable reasoning to back those excuses up.

Deal with this FACT…..first.

FACT: All of us……and I mean every single one of us has been doing network marketing since we were 6 years old.

If you’ve got or had kids…..think back to when they were 6 or 7… the first or second grade.

They come home from time to time and tell you about a new pizza shop, ice cream joint or a new game…..whatever.  Always something.

Sometimes you bring them one of those places….or buy them the ‘thing’ they told you about.

Where did they get that information?

From their friends.  Right?

That conversation they had at recess or lunch was another kid telling them about something they like, enjoyed and/or thought your son or daughter would enjoy.  Right?

And it triggered a ‘sale’…….folks, that is network marketing.

And….you did it when you were a kid too.

It’s part of the human experience to share things we like or enjoy with others……

So how can something we’ve doing since we were 6 years old be so difficult?

Limiting beliefs.

We all have an astonishing ability to turn excuses into a ‘story’ that is rational and reasonable.

We repeat the ‘story’ so many times we believe it.

What do we do about it?



G – Give 100% to the dreams of others

I – Imagination, live from your imagination

R– Release all limiting beliefs.

All designed to help you help others turn the word “Impossible” into ‘ I’m Possible

So now you’ve got the 3rd part of the G-I-R-A-F-F-E philosophy…..that will do 2 great things for you.

  1. Let you live your MLM experience with AND on purpose
  2. Develop your highest self including your potential.

But just like ‘faith without works is dead‘ the same can be said about a philosophy.

If we don’t work it, put the concepts in play…’s just interesting bullshit at a party or other gathering.

Now we get to the hard part, getting honest and exposing ‘your story’ as just another excuse…….

5 kids?  People make it with 6 kids.

Un-supportive spouse? No one believes folks, join the club.

The list is endless.

Some stay loyal to their story, known as ‘affirmational bias’ …..and others over come their story.

Which one are you?

Look at this list from Think and Grow Rich and take your inventory….then have someone who will honest with you review the list with you.

The best way to improve the team is to improve ourselves…..but we all need a little help from our friends so we can shatter the ‘excuses story’ …..and release false or limiting beliefs.

Get A Friend to Help Find Blind Spots & Limiting Beliefs

KEY: believe them, not yourself if they point out blind spots.

Next, do what I suggested in the video.

Go ahead……stick your neck out, like our giraffe.  It’s why I picked the giraffe.

Next, ask here ……in the comments or work with your Up-team [so much nicer that ‘upline’] and find solutions to your, ahem, story about your limiting beliefs.

Let them go.

You get this right and the first 2 letters, Give and Imagine……and couple them with the simple network marketing skills and you’ll quickly be flabbergasted at the results.

And you’ll wonder how the hell you created those limits in the first place.  Fantastic.

If you don’t know, you’ll find 3 great skills in video format called Go90Grow© and today [Thursday] I’m doing 3 live webcasts, all the same,  teaching 2 great money making skills.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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