Blog   #1 Question Asked About MLM? It’s About Success and Failure


We’re an odd lot, eh?

We’re as bad and great and wonderful and crazy as we could possibly be.

As distributors we are so committed, so passionate… convinced about the business model that we even don’t want to ask this question ourselves…..

But we are dying to hear the answer.

It’s like the elephant in the living room that nobody wants to talk about but… dying to get it ‘resolved’

2 simple things you can already do to set you apart from your history, doubt and fear?

#1 Make a decision.

I’m not talking about stating a preference………Most people, particularly Americans, are GREAT at stating preferences and convincing ourselves we’ve made a decision.

It’s not important ….. it is a requirement to succeed, to take advantage of a really simple and easy business.


I know, you don’t really believe that, right?

Indecision is the only thing that makes MLM hard

I promise you that once one makes an authentic decision, network marketing is easy.

Why do I believe that?

We all…..and I really do mean all…….we all have been doing network marketing since we’ve been 5 or 6 years old.

You got information from friends at school, right?  About a new pizza place, a dance, a new game, Little League tryouts…..and you went home and told your folks……and your friends.

They bought you the game….or took you to tryouts, no matter.  Folks, that is network marketing.   Telling people about things we like or enjoy is part of the human experience ……we love telling others about things we’ve done, discovered, enjoyed and we really, really like telling others about things we think they will enjoy or benefit from.

Cool…….easy……and you already have 15 to 50 years experience.

But… starts with a decision.  Here is what changed things for me…..and for 100s of 1ooos of people.  And it’s free; from Napoleon Hill.

#2 Specialized Knowledge

We want shortcuts…..secrets…..we really want something for nothing……we all want to believe there is something in the Social Media/Tech-no world that will do the work for us.

We lose our common sense.

If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills, specialized skills, network marketing skills.

On this there can be no mistake and it is exactly the same in every single venture…..


People who don’t invest in themselves that do not have the skills to successfully run any business, and network marketing is a business…..are doomed.

We’ll be posting 3 skill based videos beginning on May 3rd.  If you want access a day early, get on the early bird list and access what Hill writes about Specialized Knowledge right here, free of course.

Once you make a decision…’ll be thrilled to find out the really best news……I gave you the good news and bad news in the video…..the GREAT news is the average person can learn the network marketing skills needed to run a big MLM group very quickly, just like the people in Go90Grow are already doing.


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