Blog   #1 Network Marketing Mistake By Others Makes You Rich


Fashion comes and goes…….principles endure.

The inter-webbie thing is cool and wonderful and all that…..but it does not come without a price.

The price?

Common sense in MLM companies and leaders has just about vanished.

It’s taken a simple principle that most people have forgotten or labeled ‘old school’ and virtually ‘vanished’ it………

When you couple this idea with the outrageous – and it is outrageous – obsession for instant gratification, it’s not hard to see what has always been the #1 mistake MLMers make getting amplified daily.

That’s the bad and sad news……

The good news?

Not only is it easy to correct, it will make you a ton of money.

# 1 Mistake



The ‘old school’ principle that will make you rich?


All you have to do is realize the panic [people wait too long to get a MLM started, they need money NOW], obsession with instant gratification and the inter-webbie thing telling them they can make 10’s of 1000’s of dollars with some magic lead system……all have 1 thing in common…….a loss of common sense a.k.a. brain damage.

When we lose our common sense, we’ll believe anything that sounds like a solution.   I mean really, who, with a shred of common sense, really believes that someone has figured out how to make a fortune in MLM with technology would actually sell it an put himself and his teams in competition with the rest of the world?  It’s total bullshit to someone who is thinking……but……here’s where you step in as a ‘brain damage repairman.’

Help them reclaim their common sense and make a wonderful declaration to yourself, your new rep and your profession.

My #1 network marketing tip to success in MLM began in Europe, I believe, hundreds of years before MLM was created.


Look, when you sponsor somebody you are promising that the idea you presented to them will help them improve their life. Right?

So do what the old silversmiths and blacksmiths and seamstresses used to do….teach them the skills they need to succeed…..hands on.

Apprenticeship 3-Deep is the Key to the Vault

You’ll find if you do this ‘apprenticeship’ thing 3 levels deep…..teaching the people you help them sponsor the same skills you taught them, with them listening in, they start to pick up the skill faster……and repeating this network marketing authentic leadership principle even deeper, they not only master the skill, they begin to teach it.  And you time investment is turning into time leverage……as they begin teaching the new ‘apprentices’ without your help!

You’ll find this skill, The 3 Deep Pattern along with the easy network marketing skill of list building on the page, just scroll down a tad.

Build the list with them……teach them to teach others how to build the list WITH others…….and 3 tremendous things happen.

  1. You’ll never run out of free, premium fuel
  2. You’ll sponsor fewer people and make more money because they’ll succeed
  3. You’ll feel tremendous about yourself because you are now fulfilling the promise we make when we introduce someone to our business as a conduit to a better life.

How?  Master the skills and teach them hands on……start by building the list with them.

You’ll find both the 3-Deep Pattern and the List Building Skill under the free networking skills tab

Do me a favor, please…..and not to toss anyone under the bus……but leave a comment and let me know if your up-team build the list WITH you and, if you in turn built the list with others you sponsored.

This is the single biggest reason it is so easy to enroll people…they were left out to dry by up-teams.

What was and is your experience?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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