Test before testimony

Leadership is overrated…and in the Multi-Level Marketing industry, it is dramatically overrated.

How can I say that?

Between the self-appointed experts that represent – ahem – no company so they can stay – ahem – impartial and the compulsion towards self-promotion most leaders feel they must do, we’ve lost the point of leadership.

It is about service, not trumpet blowing.

Part of that service is helping people who join our teams.  That means making sure what we recommend to help them works.  It also means we proved it works.

Last week I posted a blog about the ‘pimping’.  A few folks took issue with it.

When questioned about the veracity of what they were recommending, the communication, of course, ended.

So to clear all that up…and give you the #1 Leadership trait that must be followed, I shot this 90-second-ish video…


world’s laziest networker 

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  • This is great info that I hope everyone will take to heart. So many people ruin their groups by inundating them with junk that they don’t make sure works first. How many of us have had 4 or 5 different websites promoting our businesses. The other fatal flaw of not testing before testimony is that it teaches people the opposite of what we want them doing – talking to people in real life. Shame on all those out there that just use their groups as a income stream by pitching one piece of junk after another. No I won’t mention any names but I’d like to.

  • These are great golden nuggets Mark and Davene. I alsways like to even check out a local meeting before I taking anyone. Thanks. Renae Massey

  • You’re so right about getting caught up in the side shows and losing sight of the main thing….. it’s all about talking to people….Nothing matters and nobody moves forward if we’re not talking to people!

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