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If we want to make some money, we need to learn some skills.
 - Mark Januszewski -

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If I were you, I’d be asking myself, “Why would they do that?  What’s the catch?”  In the last 10 years Network Marketing companies have abandoned training their reps.  

That has opened the door for hustlers and tool peddlers...

The Internet is flooded with “gurus”, selling “secrets,”  magic systems and sure-fire “shortcuts”.  I know that junk doesn’t work and deep down inside… so do you. Everybody knows there are no shortcuts to success, nor secrets to MLM.

Giving back what was freely given to us seemed to be a solution to people getting ripped off and it’s working beautifully.  

People are learning the skills and sharing them with their teammates; everybody wins.

Not Only Are The Skills Free, They Work Instantly!

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Missing Piece of puzzle

Don't Miss This Piece... 

There's an old saying, “ The only place they make money is at the mint, the rest of us have to earn it.”   Make no mistake about it - the free skills we teach work.  Of course, they require you learn, practice and apply them.  

Build Confidence Fast!

Confidence comes from improving your skills. Improvement is a by-product of repetition. It’s not “net-point’n’click-marketing.”  

It’s net-work-marketing.

No excuses... do the work!

Meet Mark
The World's Laziest Networker


People ask me all the time, 'How did you go from bankrupt to beachfront in just two years?’  Or they’ll ask, ‘What did you do to get what you’ve got?’  Those are the wrong questions…  
I tell them, 'it’s not what I did it’s who I became.'

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What Other Leaders 
Say about Our Training


You'll never find another networker that's more effective AND efficient! He knows exactly what to do and what to say. More importantly, the way he teaches truly duplicates. Think that might help?

Guide your team to rapid growth with these Skills!

Mark & Davene’s Skills WILL set you on the path for rapid organic growth of your team WHEN you let them guide and coach you. This is a potent and effective program. Follow it to Momentum!


My passion is my MLM business and where I'm blending the many elements of the Go90Grow lessons every day. I have a pronounced confidence, belief in myself and the future of my business. Every day my old blueprint is getting weaker and my new energized faith, hope and belief kicked into high gear.

Mark knows what he's talking about!

“Mark knows what he’s talking about… (and most important of all)… His stuff WORKS.

I know. I’ve done his Course. I use his stuff.”


I want to thank Mark and the Fabulous Davene for creating such a comprehensive program!

Mark's training goes so much deeper than the typical bull-crap out there!

By far, this is the best training I am experiencing for network marketing. My sincerest thanks!!

I am thoroughly enjoying the exercise in Think and Grow Rich! I have read this book several times in the past. Now it's like I'm getting it for the first time! Admittedly, I discredited its relevance due to its age, I felt this was old and outdated. Not true! This classic is more relevant today by the means in which you have created to present and understand it. Well done!

I have committed myself to do the work and it is work! I appreciate your toughness and your passion for wanting all of us to succeed. Your genuineness comes through crystal clear!

The abundance I have experienced this year is immense!

I am so thankful to have this focus back in my life and feel so back to my authentic self again.

It's been a whirlwind but so much to be grateful for!! I will be continuing my 5 daily exercises and will do my best to keep up with the week to week lessons for the Master Key Experience and Go 90 Grow.

I am doing G90G at my own pace at this point and thank you for always recording everything so we can self study!! Live Well

I absolutely love the skills you teach!

I particularly like it now because people present to me and everyone shows up. It’s simply the most powerful and effective thing I have ever used in my 15 years in network marketing.

Your guidance and skills training helped redefine and implement my core motive.

In my daily sit today, my Go90Grow gratitude came into the full definition. Through the entirety of my experience, your guidance has helped me redefine my core motive as well as provide a full array of skills to help me implement it.

My role is to AWAKEN POSSIBILITY in people, to assist them ENVISION THE GLORIOUS TASTE OF FREEDOM... and to provide a guided pathway toward attainment through helping others.

Now that is something big enough to get me BOUNDING every day. Mahalo!

On track to be a Million Dollar Earner!

I started networking in 1998 - worked hard - cashed small checks. As I looked around, most people were losing money. The final blow was attrition. I restarted in 2009. This time, it was going to be different. I worked, had some success, but the results were not better. So I went in search of a mentor.

I learned about a big hitter in the industry, Mark J. I called him asking him to mentor me. Without hesitation, he took me under his wing. Mark has been teaching me skills - real skills, no hype. It was incredible, to see the development, in confidence, knowledge, and growth in my business.

In addition, The Master Key Experience course has given me a new positive outlook on my future. Let’s recap. I start to learn skills, then changed my mental blueprint. Now I am on track to be a million dollar earner. Thank you, Mark, for all your help. I will make you proud.

Mark, thank you for showing me how to be a REAL network marketer!

You addressed key areas every Network Marketer needs to improve upon - so they become part of the successful 3% in Network Marketing. They never have been taught or learned the proper SKILLS - unlike a plumber, doctor or policeman who learns the skills for their job or profession. While listening and watching Mark, I have found a gentleman who has helped me change the way I network market. It is because of this gentleman who has made it his life’s goal to provide Network Marketers with the SKILLS they need to become a success.

Be prepared to change the trajectory of your business!

This course changed my business. As an educational doctorate, I am used to high-quality content and educational training. This course exceeds that best practices in the industry for online learning. In addition, the content is challenging, of the highest ethical standards, and worthy of your time.

This course makes THE difference!

Go90Grow changed network marketing for me from being a pain in the butt to a profitable pleasure!

Mark is highly valued by other leaders in this profession!

There are only 2 trainers I’d put in front of my team - Mark Januszewski is one of them.

The ONLY course you'll ever need to be successful in Network Marketing!

This course is not just the best training to teach you the skills to be successful in network marketing, it is the ONLY course you will ever need. The industry is filled with so-called ‘gurus’ who have not the slightest idea how to work this business. The acronym GUTS (go use the skills) says it all. Absorb this training. It will turn drudgery and failure into fun and success. Give it all you have!

Discovering new pieces of the puzzle on each adventure!

I am taking the Go90Grow already third time and every time the program guides me through the Hero's Journey of my life. Every time I discover in your material something new I didn’t get to my attention yet or I discover something in me… something new again. Like you say this is the discovery and is a great pleasure to go again through and discover me again and again. Happy to be on board again. Isn’t our whole life a continuous discovery?

Get instant results with skills learned from the best of the best!

After many years of listening to the alleged ‘Guru’s’ this is the final resting place in terms of training. Use the skills and see the difference instantaneously. Teach others to teach others. You too will see perpetual growth in ANY business!

Mark has something great to say and knows how to say it!

Several years ago, I first saw Mark do a live workshop in Peabody, MA. My thought that day was - I want to hear more! Since then I have seen Mark live many times and have been blown away each time, not only by what he is teaching but by how easy he makes it easy to learn. He is undoubtedly one of the best trainers I have ever experienced. If you get a chance to learn with Mark, do whatever it takes to get there. Don’t miss it.

TOM (Big Al) SCHREITER Network Marketing Leader, Trainer and Industry Icon
Richard & Kimmy Brooke, Lanai, Hawaii Industry leaders and authors: The Four Year Career, The Four Year Career for Women, Mach ll With your Hair on Fire... and much more
LYDIA JOHNSON Author and Professional Networker
John Milton Fogg,  Austin Texas Author of "The Greatest Networker In The World"

ANN FEINSTEIN Agel Double Diamond Director - 25 Year Network Marketer
Harry Gordon
Beth Black
Lou Abbot, Austin Texas Author, MLM The Whole Truth
Jay Leigeber, Greater Philadelphia
Henry Vigeant, Gilmanton Ironworks, NH
Rob Kenyon, Boulder Colorado
Susan Hedgecock, Bradenton, FL
Jim Tait, South Africa
Tom Chenault The voice of Home Based Radio since 1999 and Top Earners
Tommy Lawhorne Cummings, GA
Marian Balkowski
Bill MacFeat
Bill Smitherman Professional Networker


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